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NoutatiJure  Biechonski

Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Tranzactional Hipnotherapy


Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Tranzactional Hipnotherapy

Where does it take place? 
Bucuresti, Romania; Period: 23-26 june 2008 

Theme: “Tranzactional Hipnoanalisys”

Or better yet, the newest orientation in psychotherapy, evolving from humanistic orientation, with elements of psychoanalisys and cognitive- behavior psychotherapy. Transpersonal psychotherapy extends the psychological perspective, considering spiritual dimension of human existence, putting a great accent on studing constients states and connections with the interior of human being, in a different manner psychoanalisys but keeping elements of it.

Because we separated our mind from our body to avoid anxiety, we dissociated from our body and lost connection with it. We are the body or our mind. We do not listen to our body and any sensation or pain, wich is our body’s way of communicationg with us, is immediately send away with chemicals. Tranzactional hipnoanalisys is based on the theory that personality is made of different parts; just as our body is. The cours will open the way to a better communication with ourselves, with our body. 

Who can participate?

It’s a seminar that can teach you a lot about yourself; in other words , it is open for those who want to know themselves better, to have a profound contact with the “self” and “I”. Our collegues, specialists, psychologists, doctors, psychotherapeuts are also invited to participate to a unique occasion to unrich their knowledge with a new , integrated, orientation, that can bring new elements for use in psychiotherapy practice. 

Data about the teacher:

Jure Yoram Biechonski, psychotherapist, licensed in history, philosophy, French literature, psychology, faculty member of different universities: Chengdu University , China; St. Petersburg University, Rusia; Tartu University, Estonia; associated teacher to numerous medical collegues all around the world; has a family counseling degree(USA) psychodrama(Berlin), art and dance therapy(Italy), hypnotherapy( UK), founder of cognitive and analitycal hopnotherapy, creator of transactional hypnotherapy.

Contact data:

Echipa Sistem Psi, tel: 0256-498.235; 0356-003.077.
dr. Oana Maria Popescu, scientific coordinator in SistemPsi Centre, Timisoara, Romania, phone no: +40730 591 771, e-mail:

psychologist Cosmina Pacurar; courses coordinator in SistemPsi Centre, Timisoara, Romania, phone no: +40 788 763 033, e-mail:


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